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Fax Broadcasting & Fax Marketing

Fax Broadcasting and Fax Marketing for Australia and New Zealand. Over 1.7 Million records. Fax Broadcasting Campaign and Design Services Available

Why Fax Broadcast?

Fax Broadcast is one of Australia’s leading fax marketing companies, delivering millions of faxes every month. We work with clients big and small, and can create a marketing budget to suit your needs.

Since 2005 we have helped countless Australian businesses generate leads and make new sales, some have even become millionaires with the help of our fax marketing services.

Great Service

Full Customer Service

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Total System Availability

To ensure your campaigns are delivered accurately and on time

Pie Chart

Fast Data Count

Find out how many fax numbers are available in your industry or area

Complete Package

Complete Package

We provide a full ‘turnkey’ fax marketing service

Find out how many fax numbers are available in your industry or area

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Safe & Secure

We use fully fault tolerant and state of the art fax messaging platforms to ensure total continuity of service and security of your broadcast.


Massive Database

With over 1.7 million fax numbers in our fax database we can provide you with our best and largest selection of business contacts FREE*

Fast Service

Super Fast

Fax Marketing is one of the fastest ways to spread your message and we have the ability to deliver hundreds of thousands of messages per day.


Here To Help

Trying something new can be a scary experience, we’ll guide you every step of your fax campaign from start to finish. Just call 1300 361 424 anytime

Why Should You Use Fax Broadcast?

About Fax Broadcasting With Our Fax Service

We offer a one stop shop to help you make a successful fax broadcasting campaign, from building a targeted list of fax data, artwork creation and campaign management, leaving you with more time on your hands to work on your other marketing promotions or running your business.

Fax Broadcasting is a one of the fastest and most cost effective ways of advertising your business around and Fax Broadcasting is also unique and effective way to handle your business communication and B2B promotion.

Effective Marketing Price Point

Do you need to reach a lot of people on a budget? Our fax broadcasting rates are some of the best in the business, and you only pay for successful fax deliveries, so you can have peace of mind that your money is being used in the most effective way possible.  Consider that a leaflet drop can cost you around $1500 for 10,000 leaflets – it might sound cheap, but who really reads them?

For much less money, you can have 10,000 faxes delivered, targeted fore accurately and get your target market to actually ‘look at your message’.

Fax Broadcasting is the one of the most innovative and cost effective methods at driving new leads and sales directly where you need them most.  It’s a ‘no brainer’

Targeted Broadcasting

Need to reach a larger target audience? Fax broadcasting has proven to be one of the most effective methods of advertising your business to a specific region or industry category in a cost effective manner. Typically every fax will receive around 3 seconds of eye time. More than any other form of mass marketing.

Get 20% More Bang from Your Other Marketing Streams

Many of our customers have found that using fax advertising in conjunction with other forms of marketing, will help to re-enforce your brand. One of our major customers who manages a multi-million dollar marketing budget, recently discovered that  apart from the direct B2B sales responses they received, fax actually increased their other marketing streams by around 20%.

While many people think of the fax machine as obsolete or old, there are a great many businesses that still use  fax machines daily.

Many businesses, large and small, use fax marketing to promote and market their services or products. Rather than using direct mail, email or texting, fax marketing relies on sending a fax blast to thousands of readers in a very short amount of time. There will almost always be someone who is responsible for taking all this information off of the fax machine, so at least one person per successful delivery will look at your fax broadcast.

Fax marketing is one of the most successful forms of marketing. Not only can it have a much higher visibility than e-mails, which are easily deleted, fax marketing is also cheap, quick and can be used by a business of any size.

Finally, think of how many companies ONLY rely on new technology, like social media and smartphone apps to market their business. You’ll stand out for using fax marketing, and people will remember your business and your brand. So, remember, marketing doesn’t have to involve big schemes, loud videos or social media followers-a simple fax with a simple message can bring customers in just as well and in terms of branding, is highly likely to increase your market recognition.

How Can Fax Broadcasting Help My Business Generate Leads?

Fax broadcasting is an easy way for any business to engage in lead generation that will result in increased sales. Unlike other forms of marketing, this one is fairly easy to do and cost efficient as well. In order to successfully generate leads using fax broadcasting, the volume of faxes sent out must be taken into consideration, as well as the frequency of the broadcast. We would recommend sending at least 3 different faxes to a given target group in order to gain momentum and build brand recognition.

Companies that use fax broadcasting to market their products or services will greatly benefit from discounts due to the sheer number of faxes being sent out. Each unit becomes cheaper the more faxes a company sends. Companies attempting to use this type of faxing to reach thousands of consumers will save more money if they can turn those thousands into hundreds of thousands or even millions. Using fax broadcasting often allows companies to send out each fax for far less than the cost of a letter and postage stamp.

B2B marketing campaigns are best conducted using this type of broadcasting. This is the most reliable way for businesses to communicate with each other in a way that benefits both.

How Does Fax Broadcasting With Fax Broadcast Work?

Simply contact us for a quote and/or send us the document you wish to send and we do the rest. Remember you will only pay for successful deliveries at the page rate you are quoted. Your broadcast can be scheduled hours or days in advance.

Your personal distribution list can be created using one, or a mixture of any of the following:

To get a fast data count from us please Click Here

Our customer services team are on hand to assist with creative content, broadcast list creation, artwork design and advice on how message broadcasting can greatly enhance and even overhaul your marketing efforts.

If you require any further assistance, just contact us and we will happily help you with your fax marketing. Alternatively, to speak to one of our customer service agents directly call 1300 361 424 and let us help you get the most from our service.

Our team can also easily supply you with RADIUS count data from any town or city in Australia or New Zealand.


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